This type of joint pain affects a wide variety of people in various lifestyles and life stages.

Understanding the root cause of your pain can help to determine the next steps in your treatment including how chiropractic care can help manage your condition and alleviate symptoms.

One cause of hip pain may be impingement which is a general impairment of movement due to the lack of joint mobility. Through chiropractic treatment, we can help to improve the joint mobility. We would also prescribe a personalised exercise programme using fully narrated exercise videos to increase muscle tone and mobility.

Sciatica pain occurs when there is a compression of the sciatic nerve near or around the hip. The sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle which can be manually stretched by chiropractic care and again specific exercises would be prescirbed.

Many people have experienced pain due to inflammation or irritation of a tendon at the point it meets a bone, which is called tendonitis. Treatment of this condition would include working through the “belly” of the muscle instead of the pain site to relieve muscle tonicity and alleviate some of the tension on the tendon, allowing it to heal properly.

When the connective tissue that cushions the joint degrades, the resulting pain is called osteoarthritis. While we can’t treat arthritis, we can definitely help alleviate some of the symptoms through consistent joint and muscle care.

With bursitis, there is pain due to swelling and hypersensitivity on the lateral hip.

Many of the conditions and symptoms related to hip pain can be managed and improved.