Does My Back Really Go Out Of Place?

Most of us have experienced a situation where we are going about our usual business and then suddenly out of nowhere our back locks and we cannot move.  A lot of people will come to us and say that they think their back has gone ‘out of place’. Is this really what is happening when we experience this situation?

Well not quite. Our back is actually brilliantly designed and is supported by strong ligaments and powerful muscles that will stop it from going out of place in everyday situations.

It is more correct to say that as we get a little older, our back gradually stiffens and because of this, the joints become prone to seizing, locking or jamming from time to time.  Once this happens, the little facet joints that sit towards the back of our spine become inflamed and irritate the millions of tiny nerve endings that are inside these joints.

This picture gives you an idea of what is happening on the inside when our back suddenly becomes painful.