The Mobiliser

Improved spinal flexibility

‘We are pleased to announce that we have added the Mobiliser to the range of treatments we offer. The Mobiliser is a state of the art device designed to improve the flexibility of the spine. In many cases, a loss of normal flexibility due to tight muscles and joints can be a major cause of back pain.

The Mobiliser consists of a series of mechanical ‘thumbs’ that move up and down your body creating a wave of motion through the spine while also applying pressure to knotted muscles and stiff places.

It can be used in conjunction with regular Chiropractic treatment or on its own depending on the condition being treated and patient preference. We have found it to be especially beneficial in longer term (chronic) cases where joint stiffness is often a problem.

To find out more about the Mobiliser and how it may be able to help you please call us on 01392 221122 or alternatively visit our colleagues at

As a skilled practitioner I can treat most spinal issues effectively. My enthusiasm for the Mobiliser is because it extends the help I can offer to those with long term protective patterns. It helps to free areas of the spine that have become particularly immobile.” “Regular use of the Mobiliser enables my treatments to be more effective an cause less inflammatory reactions”

Dr Lady Ann Redgrave MB. BS.DO Medical Doctor and Osteopath, Chief Medical Officer GB Rowing for ten years.